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tv   Sen. Susan Collins R-ME  CSPAN  May 2, 2021 1:22pm-1:24pm EDT

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today's panel. again, thank you. >> on the sunday news program, white house officials and republican senators talked about the status of bidens to trillion dollar infrastructure plan. -- $2 trillion infrastructure plan. >> the president has been clear he is willing to negotiate, willing to compromise, and he believes democrats and republicans should be able to find common ground on common goals for our country, goals that both parties agree on, that they believe we need to fix roads and bridges but also build the infrastructure for the future, and that means rural areas need broadband as much as urban areas due for an affordable cost. we need to get the lead out of drinking water. it is unconscionable that in 2021 we have children drinking out of fountains at schools where you have water going
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through pipes with lead in them still. there is a lot of agreement here, jake. what we would do at the white house and what president biden has clearly said he wants to do is look for areas of agreements and build on them. >> the current corporate tax rate is 21%. biden wants 28%. will you be willing to meet in the middle at 25% or so? >> let me tell you what i will not support. i will not support american businesses paying the highest corporate tax rate among developed countries in the world once again. unfortunately, that is what 28% would be. jobs would go overseas. so, i think we need to look at a wide variety. first, we need to determine the scope of the bill. and, we need to determine what the top line is going to be.


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